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How to Prolong the Benefits of Bodywork

By Barbara Hey A massage works in wonderful ways, easing stress and pain, calming the nervous system, increasing circulation, loosening tight muscles, stimulating internal organs, and enhancing the skin. The multiplicity of physiological responses sends a simple, clear message to the mind: Massage feels good. Of course, you want to hold on to that just-had-a-massage [...]

How to Prolong the Benefits of Bodywork2017-09-01T15:23:05-05:00

Massage Therapy May Boost Immune System Functioning

A growing body of research indicates massage therapy can benefit the immune system, especially important during winter months. People looking to fend off cold and flu as the winter months arrive should speak to a massage therapist about prevention strategies. Regular massages have been shown to make the immune system stronger, according to studies. “Researchers [...]

Massage Therapy May Boost Immune System Functioning2017-05-10T21:40:31-05:00

Cupping for Weight Loss

Among all the benefits of cupping therapy and the many ailments it can heal, the most interesting is possibly using cupping therapy to promote weight loss. Excess weight is based on many factors such as a sluggish metabolism, stress, hormone imbalances, excessive intake of unhealthy food with low nutritional value and inadequate exercise. All of [...]

Cupping for Weight Loss2017-05-10T21:41:14-05:00

Can Massages Make You Lose Weight?

When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is, and this applies to any massage that promote weight loss. Massages simply knead your skin, muscles and other bodily tissue, which can benefit you in a number of different ways, such as releasing stress, relaxing injured tissue, increasing flexibility and even stimulating endorphins. Reducing [...]

Can Massages Make You Lose Weight?2017-05-10T21:27:48-05:00
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