Paraffin Hand Dips

The therapeutic and aesthetic values of paraffin can be traced to ancient civilizations. The Romans poured hot oil and waxes on the body as a heat-inducing prelude to massage.

The French brushed melted paraffin on wounds, while the British established paraffin as a modality for orthopedic disorders in the military hospitals of WWI. Today, the medical community, rehabilitation specialists, massage therapists and the spa industry embrace paraffin for its therapeutic qualities.

What are the benefits of a Paraffin Hand Dip?

Once a client has experienced a paraffin hand or foot treatment, they often comment, “This would be great on my face and entire body.” The process conditions your skin, cuticles and nails leaving your hands feeling great.

Also, doctors have long known that carefully applied heat is a great way to reduce muscle pain and speed healing. As heat is applied to the body, the blood vessels expand, allowing more blood to flow to the affected area and speed the healing process.

Paraffin therapy reduces pain and stiffness around joints by removing excess fluid from surrounding tissue while providing lubrication. Paraffin is especially beneficial in the treatment of arthritis, bursitis, tendentious, tennis elbow, overworked and fatigued muscle, scar tissue which restricts range of motion in joints and tendons, as well as being extremely beneficial for many types of sports injuries and medical conditions such as fibromyalgia.

Paraffin not only effectively heats the tissues and muscles to provide pain relief, it also leaves the skin hydrated, soft, supple and invitingly ready for massage. Paraffin can also provide relief from eczema, psoriasis and dehydrated skin. The medical community has acknowledged the benefits of paraffin in aiding the healing process mentally and physically. Now the massage industry is making paraffin its top service (in terms of industry growth) because of paraffin’s unsurpassed ability to help rejuvenate, hydrate, heal and increase circulation.

We offer treatments on the hands, feet, full body, or spot therapy treatments on specific body parts.

How do you do a Paraffin Hand Dip?

The area of concern will be thoroughly cleansed, then given a gentle massage along with the use of aromatherapy oils or lotion that releases tension. At this time the warm paraffin bath with added natural oils and nourishment is dipped, painted or poured over the area. This helps to seal the moisture and heat in the skin. Warm mittens are used for the hands or feet and are applied for 5-15 minutes to further increase the benefits. The paraffin easily slides off leaving you with moisture-rich soft skin and soothed muscles or joints.