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Pandemic Precautions

Since reopening June 15, 2020 here are the things I am doing for the safety of us all.  I ask that we work together to keep everyone safe! There have been some new precautions implemented to insure a safe and healthy environment for you to receive a massage in. These new precautions are necessary for [...]

Pandemic Precautions2020-06-21T07:24:28-05:00

Lymph Drainage Massage For Breast Cancer Survivors

Massage therapists versed in lymph drainage massage are in a position to assist the growing population of women who have received breast cancer treatment. The American Cancer Society estimates there will be over 252,000 new cases of breast cancer in 2017, the most common type of cancer in the U.S., accounting for almost 155 of all [...]

Lymph Drainage Massage For Breast Cancer Survivors2017-10-25T15:05:45-05:00

Alternative Therapies Can Augment Treatment In Resistant Depression

By: KARI OAKES, Family Practice News Digital Network JUNE 20, 2016 [email protected] On Twitter @karioakes SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. – Simple, effective, nonpharmacologic therapies can significantly augment pharmacotherapy for patients with treatment-resistant depression, according to Dr. Mark Hyman Rapaport. More complex complementary approaches are being explored and may hold promise as part of the future of precision [...]

Alternative Therapies Can Augment Treatment In Resistant Depression2017-05-10T21:36:36-05:00

Massage Therapy Can Help Reduce Winter Blues

One in five Americans are impacted by seasonal change Massage therapy has shown to improve mood and elevate energy levels People looking to fend off the winter blues may find relief by integrating massage therapy into their health maintenance routine. Shorter days and colder temperatures leave many Americans feeling depressed and lethargic, yet studies show that [...]

Massage Therapy Can Help Reduce Winter Blues2017-05-10T21:38:36-05:00

Can Massage Help With Our Sleep?

By Karen Menehan December 2, 2016 A new report indicates the U.S. has a big problem with sleep deprivation—a problem that has “a significant effect” on the American economy. Why Sleep Matters—The Economic Costs of Insufficient Sleep, released Nov. 29 by RAND Corporation, quantifies the economic losses due to sleep deprivation among workers in five [...]

Can Massage Help With Our Sleep?2017-05-10T21:39:34-05:00

Benefits of Massage Therapy on Multiple Sclerosis

By Lia Stannard Overview Patients with multiple sclerosis have problems with their immune systems attacking their nerves, resulting in nerve damage. MedlinePlus explains that multiple sclerosis affects the brain and spinal cord, causing pain, movement problems and other symptoms. While the treatment for multiple sclerosis often involves medication to control symptoms, some patients may opt [...]

Benefits of Massage Therapy on Multiple Sclerosis2017-05-10T21:42:30-05:00

10 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Not Get Massages

When you think of massage, odds are you think of an hour of relaxation – a little “me” time. Massage certainly offers a great way to escape from the stresses of our everyday lives, but more and more studies are showing that regular massage gives you so much more: a range of emotional and physical [...]

10 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Not Get Massages2017-09-01T15:25:50-05:00

Relieve TMJ Pain with Massage

The jaw or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a major target for an array of joint disorders. Disorders of the jaw are typically referred to by the same name, TMJ. The temporomandibular joint connects the mandible to the skull’s temporal bone and contributes to the acts of biting, chewing, swallowing, speaking and making facial expressions. The [...]

Relieve TMJ Pain with Massage2017-05-10T21:44:01-05:00

Massage Therapy for a Better Night’s Sleep

By Kray Kibler, CFO, Massage Warehouse May 23, 2014 Adequate sleep is necessary for healthy functioning, and quality sleep is vital to health and wellness. But an estimated 50 to 70 million Americans experience sleep issues that affect their health,1 often leading to low work performance, slowed reaction time, obesity, higher risk of long-term disease, [...]

Massage Therapy for a Better Night’s Sleep2017-05-10T21:46:26-05:00
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