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Personalized Massage


Personalized Massage


Your therapist may use a combination of therapies or therapeutic treatments to help promote healing and restore your body.

  • Personalized Massage

  • Swedish Massage

  • Prenatal Massage

  • Warm Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Specialized Massage

Personalized massage tailored to your specific muscular concerns.

This is a unique massage focused on you!!! Your therapist may use a combination of therapies that may include, Deep Tissue, Cupping, Stretching, Swedish, Hot Stones on specific areas to deliver a more therapeutic treatment to help promote healing and restore your body.

60 Minutes | $85
75 Minutes | $100
90 Minutes | $115

The most popular type of massage, Swedish massage is recommended for relaxation of body and mind. A full body massage customized for the ultimate relaxation experience.

The benefits of this massage include:

  • increased blood circulation
  • mental and physical relaxation
  • decreased stress and muscle tension
  • improved range of motion

Consider adding Aromatherapy to your massage to help relieve pain, improve mood, and promote deeper relaxation.

60 Minutes | $80
75 Minutes | $95
90 Minutes | $110
120 Minutes | $160

While pregnant, your body is constantly changing and sometimes all of that change can take its toll. Take a break with this massage that targets all of the muscles that are supporting you through your pregnancy.


60 Minutes | $85
75 Minutes | $100

If you have been injured in an auto accident, your auto insurance will pay for your massage. Call to set up an appointment to ensure you have the necessary information so we can bill your insurance company directly.

Passive stretching during a massage not only feels great but has great health benefits. Stretching can help improve flexibility, and, consequently, range of motion.

Increased flexibility may:

  • Improve your performance in physical activities
  • Decrease your risk of injuries
  • Help your joints move through their full range of motion
  • Enable your muscles to work most effectively
  • Stretching also increases blood flow to the muscle. Consider adding stretching to your next massage experience!

$35 – Add 30 minutes of stretching to any massage of 60, 75, or 90 minutes.

Swedish Relaxation Massage that uses smooth salt stones, heated to a comfortable temperature may be placed on key points of the body and used to massage muscles, improving circulation and calming the nervous system.

The therapeutic warmth of Hot Stones are supportive to deep tissue muscular concerns and give your mind and body a chance to recover.

75 Minutes | $110
90 Minutes | $125

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